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Compost heap graveyard keeper

The maggot is a byproduct of dutiful farming composting. It can either be decomposed after study into reagents for use in alchemyused as a bait for fishingor - under duress - consumed for a relatively tiny amount of energy. Maggots can be decomposed into a solution or extract with the hand mixer and either of the distillation cubes, respectively.

However, the yellow flower is identical in regards to alchemy, making that the ideal choice as it's generally far more abundant and renewable. Having unlocked Master of Alchemy produces one additional reagent at any workstation. Maggots can also be utilized while fishingas one of eight 8 available baits to choose from. Sign In. From Graveyard Keeper Wiki.

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TOP 10 TIPS FOR NEW GRAVEYARD KEEPERS - Graveyard Keeper tips and tricks to help new players

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Quest Related NPCs.This guide will help you make money fast and easy in Graveyard Keeper. It will not cover fishing, but that can be used as a reliable method as well. From your house, take a right and follow the road path until you reach a large rock. Mine the rock, collect the stone to carry back to your yard and place it in the stone stockpile. Use the stone cutter to get about three sets of stone pieces about 90 pieces of stone.

Coal does not fetch a high price and does not take up much space in your inventory. However, the quantity you can collect and sell makes it worth your while.

Compost heap

One coal is worth 14 bronze coins and it adds up the more you have. The Quarry can be found at the top-left of your house or graveyard.

compost heap graveyard keeper

Either path works although you may need resources to remove piles of rubble to gain access to them. One of the most common methods revealed early in the game. Burial certificates are obtained from burying and burning bodies. Snake can be found at the left on Ency days. Give him x5 Faith get it from the Church and increase his friendship level to 30 by completing his quests to receive the food stamp.

Unfortunately, Horadric does not accept gold quality wine, however, he will buy silver and bronze quality. Build a vine press near your house and make a pail of grape juice from it using the grapes you recently obtained 15 grapes per pail. Build a wine making barrel in your cellar and use the pail of wine juice to make red wine.

The silver quality red wine can be sold to Horadric while the gold quality red wine can be sold to Merchant. Sell a limited amount of wine bottles to each per week rotation in the game because they pay less the bulkier the purchase.

The recommended amount is 2 per day to Horadric and 6 per week to Merchant. One of the best ways to make a lot of money late in the game is from the Merchant. Flavor enhancer is made from the Alchemy Workbench tier II using ash, toxic solution and life extract. Ash is obtained from burning bodies at the bottom of the graveyard a little to the right side.

Toxic solution is made with the Hand Mixer using orange jelly deep in the dungeon or red mushrooms near the witch hut. Life extract is made from the Distillation Cube using any of the following: a heart, maggot or yellow flower. Charm pays 1 gold coin for every piece of jewelry you sell to her. Gold jewelry details can be made at the jewelry table with gold ingot, steel parts and faith.

Gold ore can be found in the dungeon and can be used to make gold ingot. Gervais laughs at a difficult RPG while it takes its last breath as he conquers it. He's been gaming since the NES and loves to relax at the beach. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Sell pieces of stone to Cory One of the best ways to earn some quick money early in the game is to sell stone pieces to Cory.

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Go to the village and find Cory. He should be at the top-left corner of the Dead Horse Tavern. Sell coal to the Blacksmith Coal does not fetch a high price and does not take up much space in your inventory.The kitchen garden is located directly south of the workyard and requires permission before usage.

This will unlock the farming technologies. He'll give you a Garden certificate which can be used at the blueprint table in the kitchen garden. Until you learn more about farming, you can only build an empty garden bed. You'll be able to work the garden without this, but you won't be able to advance his questline. Basic crops lack quality levels. This appears as a star, or in the upper right corner. Crops and seeds cannot be improved, so they don't benefit from quality bonus of a corresponding fertilizers.

That being said, they do benefit from quantity bonus of quality fertilizers. A good tactic is to grow them on at least Peat fertilizer, that way you reduce seed loss and, in turn, reduce the need to buy new seeds. However, due to random nature of farming, this isn't guaranteed. In order to become fully self-sufficient, some of the seeds must be grown with silver quality fertilizer. The farmer only sells basic crops at Tier I.

These crops each have a quality level, which has the potential of being improved with fertilizer. Only improvable crops can be packed into crates at the crate factory to be sold through the trade office.

The compost heap turns eight units of crop waste into six units of peat and two units of maggots. Peat serves as a 'starter' fertilizer with a copper quality and copper boost, as well as being a necessary ingredient for crafting more advanced fertilizers. Peat is also necessary for certain craftable landscapes, such as berry bushes and apple trees in the orchardand flower beds in the graveyard. Maggots are not related to farming otherwise, and can instead be utilized through fishing and alchemy.

If you don't want to work your farm on your own, get some zombie s and have them do all the hard work for you in a zombie farm. This is where trees and shrubs can be planted. This is separate from the kitchen garden and has its own workbench. The seeds can be obtained from the witch. Before using it, you have to get rid of the dead trees blocking a lot of room there.

You need to unlock the "Woodcutter" technology for this. The vineyard is west of Witch Hill. It is where you grow grapes and hops. It is inaccessible until you gain access to the Witch Hill.

This can be done by speaking with the inquisitor for the first time onwhich causes the guard to let you pass in the future. You can alternatively remove the large fallen tree blocking the path to the north east of your home to create a shortcut. The vineyard already has vine trellises that can be used without the inquisitor's permission, once they've been cleared of weeds.

If you want more trellises or a trunk, you have first to complete a quest for the inquisitorafter which the workbench in the vineyard will appear. Fertilizer can be used to increase the growth rate, quality, and yield of crops. Peat is the most basic fertilizer, while more specialized and effective fertilizers can be produced through alchemy.

The greater the fertilizer's effect, the more time, material, and it will require to manufacture.

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You must use the fertilizer before planting a seed. To use the fertilizer select it instead of the seed, a sign will appear that reminds you that this field is fertilized. Afterwards plant the seed. Multiple types of fertilizers can be used on one farm plot, combining bonuses, however effects do not stack. Different signs are displayed in the farm plot depending on which effects are active.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Graveyard Keeper Store Page. Global Achievements. I'm not sure what I'm missing, but I don't see the option to build a compost heap any where. Which place do you build them and whats needed? The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post.

Originally posted by fizzgig :. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. Xuhybrid View Profile View Posts. Learn it in the Technologies tree. Like everything. Originally posted by Xuhybrid :. After learning it, it'll appear in the list alongside the garden chest and farming plots.

Not sure what's different for you. Originally posted by mursa. Why do you need a compost heap to grow crops? Why do you need to grow crops to unlock it. None of that makes any sense. That plot is for fruit trees though. Go to the blue sign in the farm literally next to it.Print Friendly.

compost heap graveyard keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a build-and-craft game, with some question, dungeon explorations, mysteries and the like on top. But we occasionally do a small guide, just because.

Here are some tips to help beginning Graveyard Keeper players.

Crop waste

The rest can be grouped in the lower zone. From there always have your furnace smelting iron. This is a slow process, so you need to pump out ingots for all those nails and parts. Click for a larger version. At worst, you can take a short nap. Say, after you free up some space by removing the sawhorse once it gets obsolete. Once you have enough iron, building better tools will help with energy.

It also means less wear on your grindstone. Baked mushrooms are an easy, convenient source of energy. Your first sermon will not be spectacular, but it means that the Bishop will have a quest on the next Pride day. No additional corpses are in.

You also can harvest sand — just run North along the river just West of the graveyard until you see the big sand pile on the shore. Keep churning glass out to earn blue. The corpses are an important natural resource. From your second corpse onward, you want to harvest them. The first two technologies to do so are cheap the third is more specialisedand the material stacks. Skin, in particular, is important since it allows for paper-making. And working on corpses is a solid source of green points.

Once you can work on corpses and burn them at a decent pace, expending the morgue to a capacity of three is a good move. The donkey will excrete 12 seeds, which is sufficient to work three garden beds. Just remember to always put a piece of peat first, before the seed. Buy some from the farmer to keep churning enough carrots to get your corpses.

compost heap graveyard keeper

Hearts, brains and intestine are useful, but they do not stack. You could fill your cellar chest with those, though.

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compost heap graveyard keeper

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