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H-3 visa processing time

H-1B1 temporary workers are defined as persons who will perform services in specialty occupations on a temporary basis. The H-1B1 category has numerical limits that come out of the 65, H1B cap.

H3 Visa Requirements

The H-1B1 is only available to citizens of Chile and Singapore because they are based on treaties between the US and those countries. Skip to content Call Us Today: Search for Search.

Free Assessment Login. What is H-1B1 Visa? What is 'specialty occupation' for the purposes of H-1B1 visa? Is there a limit on the number of H-1B1 visas?

Why are only Nationals of Chile and Singapore eligible for this visa? What are the main requirements for an H-1B1 visa for Singaporeans? Some examples of specialty occupations are jobs in the fields of engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, computer sciences, medicine and health care, education, biotechnology, and business specialties such as management and human resources. You must have a post-secondary degree involving at least four year of study in your field of specialization although there are some exceptions to this requirement.

Please note also that even if you do not possess a post-secondary degree, you may be able to qualify under the rules for equivalent work experience. You cannot be self-employed or an independent contractor. The period of employment in the US must be temporary, so you must demonstrate nonimmigrant intent.

Register Now Testimonials Success Stories. Free Visa Assessment.An H3 Visa is used for those candidates who want to receive a training or special education in the USA.

This visa makes possible for a foreigner to stay in the USA for a fixed period of time. On the basis of this, the individual can enter the US and take the training or special education in the institution they have chosen. It is a must for the applicant to get enrolled in the program that is unavailable in their own country.

The candidate must receive the provided knowledge and skills and offer the firm proof that they will get back to their own country and use them. Training Program: The training program can be in any study field except for the medical professions and training. The examples of such fields are finance, agriculture, transportation, government, communications, business, and so on. Special Education: The special education means that the candidate will get enrolled in a practical or theoretical program to increase their knowledge about children requiring special needs like mental challenges, physical needs, and emotional challenges.

Out of countless applications received, only 50 candidates are found to be blessed with H3 Visas to enter the county and receive their training or special education. All prospective US immigrants must be more careful when planning for the H3 Visa due to its limited and short number.

US immigration is getting harder and harder, so if you want to increase your chances for this visa, you must be under the guidance of an immigration expert not only for assurance but also for being updated with the latest US immigration news and rules.

If you want to fulfill the H3 Visa requirements, you must come to the USA with the intention to get training in the fields like agriculture, commerce, government, finance, professions, or in an industrial establishment.

You have to show and prove that:. First, an applicant needs to look for the suitable training program and apply for the admission.

Overview of the H3 Trainee Visa Application Process

The organization or institution that provides such training will begin the H3 Visa process. This institution must file a petition for the candidate to the agency for the visa. This institution will file a petition to the USCIS with the proper description of the training or special education program that the candidate is looking for. Apart from this, the following documents must be attached:. And, when it comes to a special education institution, it has to prove that it provides such training or services.

The documents must contain the required information and sent to the USCIS with all the documents mentioned above. The filing of the petition has to be done at a particular time, primarily before the six months of the starting of the training program.

On the approval, the Form I is sent to the institution, which allows the participant to apply for the visa. The approval means that the special education or training participant should begin applying for the H3 Visa. The following are necessary documents that the candidate needs to submit:. Having submitted all the documents, the candidate needs to fix their interview appointment.In this case, as the applicant has already entered the US on another visa, it is not necessary to file a new visa application at a US consulate overseas.

If the foreign national has an accompanying spouse or children, then a they cannot file Form I but a separate Form I has to be filed on their behalf. Once a foreign national is offered a training position, the US company, organization or government agency must file a visa petition with USCIS.

The visa petition is filed on Form I along with the H supplement. If the foreign national will be coming from outside the US, the petitioner must send duplicate versions of the form. You cannot visit regional service centers in person. Within a few weeks after mailing in the petition, the petitioner will receive a written confirmation that the papers are being processed, as well as a receipt for the fee.

USCIS will assign the petition a thirteen-digit receipt number, which the petitioner can use to track the case status. H3 trainee visa petitions are generally approved within two to four months. Form I Notice of Action will be sent to the petitioner, showing the petition was approved. While entering the US, the border officer will examine the paperwork, may ask some questions and, if all is in order, approve for entry.

h-3 visa processing time

The officer will stamp the passport and provide the foreign national with a white card called an I, Arrival-Departure Card. It will be stamped with a date showing how long the trainee may remain in the US.

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Normally, the trainee will be permitted to remain up to the expiration date listed on the Form I Approval Notice, and requested by the Petitioner on Form I Form Services U. Citizenship U. How To How To Renew a Green Card?

How To Apply for U. How to Work in the U.Another U. S work visa type is the H-3 or the Trainee or Special Education visitor. This type of visa is for foreign nationals who want to go to the U.

S for a specific period of time to receive training or special education. The H-3 visa gives its holders the right to enter the country and attend their preferred training institution that admits them.

H3 Visa for Trainees or Special Education Visitors

The main condition to get this visa is that the applicant must enroll in a training program which is not available in their home country. The training program cannot be a full academic degree or medical training, but should be practical programs which equip the applicant with more advanced skills. The applicant should get this new knowledge and skills and prove that they will go back to their home country and apply them.

h-3 visa processing time

The training program should make it possible for the applicant to advance in their career. An H-3 visa does not allow its holder to work in the U. The applicant can only engage in practical work that is part of the curriculum of the training program. However, they cannot enter into any work contract that is considered formal employment in the U.

The H-3 visa has a limited number that the U. S government grants each year. Out of all the applicants, the U. S government grants the visa to only 50 people from other countries to enter the U. S with this visa. Since the institution where the training will be held must invite the applicant in order for the applicant to qualify for the visa, they should also compile a detailed description of the training program.

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This description should contain the following:. Similar to the other H type visas, the H-3 visa cannot be initiated by the applicant.

K1 Visa Expedite , Approved or Denied?! Bad News \u0026 Good News -- How To Make an Expedite Request --

Instead, the applicant has to find the appropriate training program and apply to be admitted. The institution where the training program is being held should then initiate the H-3 visa process. As with H-1B, H-2A, or H-2B visas, the institution should then petition to the appropriate agencies for the H-3 applicant to be given a visa.

The institution that gives the training should send a petition to USCIS with the description of the training or special education program that the applicant wants to attend and also attach more documentation such as:.

This document should be filled with the necessary information and sent to USCIS with the documents described above. The petition should be filed at a specific time, mainly more than six months before the training program will begin.

h-3 visa processing time

This is because it will take time for it to process, and if filed later, USCIS cannot guarantee the processing of the petition and the communication of a decision. If they approve the petition, they will send Form I to the institution, which will help the participant to apply for the visa.

The approval of the petition will signal the training or special education participant to start applying for the H-3 visa. The visa application should be done at the U. The applicant should submit these documents:. After submitting the documents, you will have to set an interview appointment.

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The interview will then be conducted to assess whether you are fit to attend the training or special education program and if you meet all the qualifications.

Your documents and the interview will form a basis upon which the U. S Embassy will make a decision whether to grant you the H-3 visa or not. In case of a positive response, you will then get the visa stamp and will be ready to attend the program you have been admitted to.

Processing times for each visa vary. You will have to make sure that the institution petitions on your behalf at least 6 months before the training program starts. After that, you will have to gather your documents and proceed with the application. Depending on the demand at your local U.The H-3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter the U. Note : Special Exchange Visitors may also apply for nonimmigrant visas under the H-3 category.

A Special Exchange Visitor is one who seeks to enter the U. Only 50 foreign nationals per year may enter into the U. To qualify for H-3 visa, you must be coming to the U.

You must prove that:. No, you may not apply for extension of stay on H-3 visa. Upon the completion of the period of stay you are supposed to leave the U. Skip to content Call Us Today: Search for Search. Free Assessment Login. What is H3 visa? How do I qualify for H3 visa? You must prove that: You are not receiving graduate medical education or training in the U. You do not have the opportunity to receive similar training in your home country You need this training to advance your career outside the U.

You will not be productively employed unless it is necessary to the training The training offered does not employ U. What privileges do I enjoy on H-3 visa? On H-3 visa, you may: Enter into the U. What are the limitations of H3 work visa? The limitations of H3 work visa are: The training program must be provided by the U. Can I extend my stay on H-3 visa? Register Now Testimonials Success Stories.

Free Visa Assessment.The processing time for a US visa application depends a lot on the type of visa you are trying to get. While the temporary nonimmigrant visas might take you up to a few weeks, or months at most, the immigrant visas can take years to get approved. It is not easy to give a definitive answer to how long an application takes to get reviewed, since the US government considers each applicant on a case-by-case basis, in the order that they are received.

It can take a few weeks for an applicant that applies for i.

U.S Visa Processing Times

The US visa processing time depends on the type of visa that you are applying for. It takes from 3 to 5 weeks for a US visa application to get processed. After the processing, the applicant can get a positive reply on their application, and the consulate will deliver the document. The delivery of the visa can take up to two other workdays. Applications refused under Section g of the Immigration and Nationality Act INA pending additional processing, can take around 60 days from the date of the visa interview to be processed.

In some certain cases, the processing might take more than 6 months. Applicants who are required to apply for a waiver of ineligibility in order to get the visa, should keep in might that they will have to wait for 6 to 8 months from the date of their interview to get a reply.

Whereas, countries under the visa waiver programapplying through Electronic Travel Authorization System for short term visits, can get a reply in their ESTA application within 72 hours. In most cases, you will get the response on this visa immediately after the interview.

At the end of the visa interview, the interviewer might congratulate you for getting the visa, or will provide you with a document letting you know the reason for denial. There are, however, cases where the response and processing of the F-1 visa takes a few days, so you should be patient if that happens. F-2 visa Few days to 2 weeks After your F-2 interview, you might get a response immediately from your interviewer on whether you got the visa or you were denied.

However, it is more common that the wait will be a few days or weeks. This is because the US Embassy will take their time to look over your documents and responses. J-1 visa 1 to 4 months The Waiver Review Division will go through your case and make a recommendation. They will send the recommendation to USCIS, which will then make the final decision on whether you will be allowed to stay or not. Q-1 visa 15 days to 3 months After the processing time, they will contact you to inform you whether you have been approved the visa or not.

M-1 visa At least 4 weeks The processing time for the M-1 visa is quite short. The processing happens before your visa interview. There are cases when you get a response immediately after your visa interview ends, with the interviewer either congratulating you or stating the reasons for the rejection of your visa application. B-1 visa A couple of weeks to 2 months The processing times for the B-1 visas are not exact.

This depends on the workload of the US Embassy and other factors that they take into consideration. B-2 visa A couple of weeks to 2 months Processing times for B-2 tourist visas and US visitor visas differ from country to country. H-1B1 visa 4 to 6 months The time also depends on seasonal fluctuations, so for more accurate information, you should contact the US Embassy where you applied. H-2A visa Varies Processing times vary for H-2A visas since it is seasonal and sometimes it might take longer.

However, it is recommended for US employers to file USCIS petitions at least 60 days, but no more than days before they need the foreign workers. The U. S government takes priority in H-2A visas so they expedite the process due to the fact that agricultural work is seasonal.

H-3 visa 4 to 6 weeks You will have to make sure that the institution petitions on your behalf at least 6 months before the training program starts. After that, you will have to gather your documents and proceed with the application.

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Depending on the demand at your local US Embassy, it might take one to three months for them to get back to you with a final decision on whether you will get the H-3 visa or not. H-4 visa Varies Since your H-4 status is dependent on the status of the H type visa holder so your spouse or parent, it might take as long as it takes to process their visa.

If you are applying separately though, the time it takes to process the H-4 visa will be up to the US Embassy and the workload that they have.

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L-1 visa 3 to 4 months Blanket petitions are processed faster than individual ones.Those applicants to the USCIS seeking qualification for the H-3 Visa must be entering the country for the purposes of receiving training in agriculture, commerce, finance, industry, or government practice.

To participate in the H-3 Visa program, and applicant must evidence:. Entry to the U. Holder of H-3 Visas have the option of multiple entry to the U. Family members may enter the U. H-3 Visa holders can apply for a change of status if hired for a job. There are not restrictions to travel for H-3 Visa. Multiple entry to the U. The H-3 visa provides foreign nationals entry to the U. Participants in Special Education Training programs hold H-3 Visas valid for up to an 18 month period. College and university credits are available to H-3 Visa holders if evidenced that those courses support the designated training program.

Full-time enrollment in a higher education program in lieu of a training program, however, is not permitted under H-3 Visa status.

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Employment is limited to a minimum hour scale accorded for completion of a training program in a field. Dependent family members can study on the H-4 Visa, and do not require a separate F-1 Student Visa application to enroll part-time in program.

Note: Special Education Trainees require evidence that the program offers special education training to professionals engaged in educating children with disabilities in another country, and that similar training is not offered in the home country of the applicant. The standard processing time for the H-3 Petition is four to six weeks, followed by a one to three month H-3 Visa application processing time.

Are you interested in filing for an H-3 visa? KPPB Law wants to help you! Our competent and professional staff is here to ensure the best possible result for your case by properly initiating, filing and managing your case.

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