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Service principal name powershell

A service principal name SPN is the name by which a Kerberos client uniquely identifies an instance of a service for a given Kerberos target computer. If you install multiple instances of a service on computers throughout a forest, each instance must have its own SPN. A given service instance can have multiple SPNs if there are multiple names that clients might use for authentication. For example, an SPN always includes the name of the host computer on which the service instance is running, so a service instance might register an SPN for each name or alias of its host.

The colon between host and port is only required when a port is present. The command syntax follows:. The switch -s adds the SPN after verifying that there are no duplicates. To check the SPNs that are registered for a specific computer using that computer, you can run the following commands from a command prompt:. Any service can look up the SPN for another service. The following error event in the Directory Service log of a domain controller can appear when SPN issues are present:.

To reset the default SPN registrations for the host names for an account, run the following command at a command prompt:. More commonly people see something along the lines of invalid credentials, access denied, unauthorized, authentication failure, or something that appears related to a permissions error. SPNs are required by services that use Kerberos and Kerberos is about providing authentication and authorization.

Kerberos authentication is not possible for services when SPNs are not correctly configured. SPNs uniquely identify services running on servers, so when an SPN is missing from a computer account, the user often sees an authentication, credential, permission, or access error message.

You can try to reregister all the SPNs for the host that is failing to register:.

service principal name powershell

However, there are cases when you need to register an SPN manually. To test the critical services on the domain controller with verbose output, you can run the command:. That command outputs the diagnostic information to the file dcdiag. Then, you can use notepad to open the file by running the command:. You could then search the file for issues. One issue you might find during the diagnostic is a "Missing SPN" entry during the MachineAccount test, as shown in the following figure.

You may also try restarting the domain controller or NTDS service. To manually register the SPN that is shown as missing in the figure above, you would enter the command shown in the following figure. If a computer is unable to verify the SPN of a computer, a connection request may be denied or fail. For example, one error you might encounter is the target principal name is incorrect.Automated tools that use Azure services should always have restricted permissions.

Instead of having applications sign in as a fully privileged user, Azure offers service principals. An Azure service principal is an identity created for use with applications, hosted services, and automated tools to access Azure resources. This access is restricted by the roles assigned to the service principal, giving you control over which resources can be accessed and at which level.

For security reasons, it's always recommended to use service principals with automated tools rather than allowing them to log in with a user identity. This article shows you the steps for creating, getting information about, and resetting a service principal with Azure PowerShell.

When you create a service principal using the New-AzADServicePrincipal command, the output includes credentials that you must protect. As an alternative, consider using managed identities to avoid the need to use credentials. To reduce your risk of a compromised service principal, assign a more specific role and narrow the scope to a resource or resource group.

See Steps to add a role assignment for more information.

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When creating a service principal, you choose the type of sign-in authentication it uses. If your account doesn't have permission to create a service principal, New-AzADServicePrincipal will return an error message containing "Insufficient privileges to complete the operation".

Contact your Azure Active Directory admin to create a service principal. There are two types of authentication available for service principals: Password-based authentication, and certificate-based authentication. The default role for a password-based authentication service principal is Contributor. This role has full permissions to read and write to an Azure account. For information on managing role assignments, see Manage service principal roles.

Without any other authentication parameters, password-based authentication is used and a random password created for you. If you want password-based authentication, this method is recommended. The returned object contains the Secret member, which is a SecureString containing the generated password.

Make sure that you store this value somewhere secure to authenticate with the service principal. Its value won't be displayed in the console output. If you lose the password, reset the service principal credentials. For user-supplied passwords, the -PasswordCredential argument takes Microsoft. When creating a password, make sure you follow the Azure Active Directory password rules and restrictions. Don't use a weak password or reuse a password.

Signing in with a service principal requires the tenant ID which the service principal was created under. To get the active tenant when the service principal was created, run the following command immediately after service principal creation:.

service principal name powershell

There is no default role assigned when creating a certificate-based authentication service principal.When you need to automate tasks in Azure with scripts and tools, would you consider using service accounts or Azure service principals? It is not uncommon for some to just create a new service account, slap it with all the admin roles you want, and exclude it from MFA. Of course, it is! And for sure, your IT Sec will give you a lot of grief if you did all that.

There are many tools to create Azure Service Principals.

Manage Active Directory user SPNs with PowerShell

The tool that will be the focus of this article is the Azure PowerShell. Since this is a learning-by-doing article, here are some prerequisites so you can follow along. Automation tools and scripts often need admin or privileged access. Like, provisioning storage accounts or starting and stopping virtual machines at a schedule.

And most admins probably use a fully privileged user account called a service account to set up the credential requirements for scripts. A service account is essentially a privileged user account used to authenticate using a username and password.

And, if used with automation, a service account is most likely excluded from any conditional access policies or multi-factor authentication. On the other hand, an Azure service principal can be set up to use a username and password or a certificate for authentication.

Think of it as a user identity without a user, but rather an identity for an application. An Azure service principal can be assigned just enough access to as little as a specific single Azure resource. For example, you can create an Azure service principal that has role-based access to an entire subscription or a single Azure virtual machine only. Before you create an Azure service principal, you should know the basic details that you need to plan for.

These details may seem simple. Still, they will make creating an Azure service principal as efficient and as easy as possible. The display name. It all starts with a name, and an Azure service principal must have a name. For service principals, the username and password are more appropriately referred to as application id and secret key. In this example, a new service principal will be created with these values:. As you can see, the scope of this new service principal is only for the virtual machine named AzVM1.Applications rely on SPNs all the time to authenticate users and resources.

Fortunately, we have PowerShell to fill the gap not only to manage but also to provide the opportunity to automate SPN management. Below you can see that the katmil user account looks to be a user account used to authenticate a web server.

Perhaps I need to add multiple SPNs to this user account. I've changed my mind; now I'd like to replace these SPNs with new values. Notice that we can't explicitly specify the old SPN. Using the Replace key simply replaces whatever SPN is already there vs. Add, which adds a new one. I've changed my mind again; now I just want to remove this SPN. Luckily, I have the Remove key to make this happen. You can find this module in GitHub. If so, you're ready to use it. The commands in this module are custom built to manage SPNs.

Now that our katmil user doesn't have any SPNs, let's create one again. To do this, I run this:.

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BurgerKing commented on Error changing time zone in Windows Server Use the command line or PowerShell instead 13 hours, 45 minutes ago. So a few things to keep in mind. This article was written for preview6 and now the module is a release candidate. When it was preview version you would need to search with a special tag in order to find the prerelease versions.

That's no longer necessary. Here's some commands you can use to help you along. If you have more questions, reply here.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Normally during my build process, I use ADSIedit to navigate to that object, and then go through all the security tabs to get down to put a checkmark next to:.

The following is a hacked out code-snippet of the possible pertinent portions of my install script:. In the sample code i statically refer to the Service-Principal-Name, better yet would have been to search for the ldapDisplayname to find the entry but I'm sure you can sort that out.

In any case this code should do the job:. You can use Quest AD cmdlets. It makes AD permission stuff very easy in PowerShell. Read this blog for some examples on how to add AD permissions or even copy the AD permissions.

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Service Principal Names (SPN): SetSPN Syntax

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service principal name powershell

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How To Manage Active Directory SPNs Using PowerShell

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